Why do humans communicate?

The true meaning of communication


So, you are one of those people, who believe that ‘simple’ is the true meaning of communication?
What if I told you, that could not be further from the truth?
If ‘simple’ were the true meaning, than we would be undermining both the purpose of communication and the process.


To evolve is the true meaning of communication

We communicate to evolve through collaboration, forming societies. That is how we have come to where we are now. The process of communication has improved interaction and our attitude. With ups and downs, of course. But the Big Plan still is to evolve as a species.

Long way

We have come a long way. And we could not have accomplished that without communication. To believe that ‘simple’, or simplifying things, is the true meaning of communication, is like turning back the clock. To evolve from ‘standing man’ to ‘modern man’, took us almost 2 million years. As modern man we exist some 50,000 years. It took some 45.000 years before writing originated less than 5,000 years ago. We started out with sounds and gestures and added symbols, because we need to collaborate in order to survive. The English language nowadays, totals approximately three quarter of a million words. We send scouts to the outer limits of our galaxy. But we once were humans who did not even know how to build a fire.

The true meaning of collaboration

Do we need control in order to collaborate? The answer might surprise you. Yes and no. Collaboration is based on free will. You cannot call it collaboration if it is imposed or enforced. It would be a dictate for a counterproductive attitude. It would work as a counterweight, undermining the purpose of communication, which is to benefit all participants.
So, no, when you expect to be in control of (what) others (might think). We cannot control the way someone else interprets what we are saying.
And, yes, when you are willing to understand and be understood. If you care about someone else’s perception, you can try to correct misinterpretation.
Communication is meant to benefit everyone, sharing the same attitude. In order for us to evolve as a species and as a society, we must collaborate. We learn from others far more than we can ever learn from ourselves.

The true meaning of communication

Communication lays the fundamentals of evolution, by enabling people to collaborate. The level of collaboration equals the level of communication. It enables mutual understanding, which is beneficial to all participants. The effect is predominated by our attitude. The true meaning of communication is to evolve.
In order to communicate successfully, it is essential that participants are willing to understand and be understood. The true meaning of communication does not need tricks to make it successful. Tricks are for those who are not sincere, do not want to collaborate and do not want to share. If you want to understand, you will ask for an explanation of what you do not understand. If you want to be understood, you will explain into further detail, when someone does not understand you. All you need to make communication successful is an attitude of willing to understand and be understood.

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